Upcoming Warehouse / Godown Safety & Security

OBRO Logistics Ludhiana


We take extensive precautions like protection of your inventory both in terms of physical damage and loss or theft. These includes:

- Security fencing for 24/7 access control
- Video surveillance at security gate with security guards on duty or key-code access 24/7
- Restricted warehouse entry via alarmed doors. Access available only with electronic security ID badge
- CCTV Video monitoring with digital real-time viewing and recording on all warehouse doors and storage areas
- Cross-check and confirmation of personal identification and load IDs for carriers and drivers on every load
- Trailers secured and doors sealed appropriately following loading
- Cycle counts are routinely and relentlessly integrated into our process to discourage pilferage and to ensure continuous accuracy


Rigorous fire safety and prevention policies are in force, regularly reviewed, audited and relentlessly upheld. These includes:

- All buildings designed and constructed of fire-retardant materials
- Automated or Manual fire suppression system throughout
- Frequent and documented employee fire safety and fire extinguisher training
- Frequent fire inspections and regular fire equipment maintenance and testing
- Strict policies and procedures with documentation to segregate, isolate, and control flammables, aerosols, and hazardous materials


We provide special arrangement for food products as per atmosphere needs. The foods including food ingredients and packaging, bulk food and grains, confectionaries and baked good manufacturing, soft drink and sports drink distribution and bottling, food distribution, other food manufacturing and more. Most of these companies ship their products directly from warehouse to their customers.

Now you are the right place, Obro Logistics Park provides you modern warehousing space to store your goods with all the essential and state of art facilities and amenities. You can rent a warehouse, lease a warehouse, hire a godown space and also buy a warehouse in Ludhiana. We have many options as per customer requirement and budget. Whether the company requirement is for ready to move in space or Built to Suit warehouse – we at “OBRO Logistics Park” specializes in providing the right sort of warehouse space for you in Ludhiana, Punjab.